I’m an uncle!


Late last night, Brandon David and Chloe Amy were born into the world!

My sis was 27 hours in labour, which sounds like a heck of a long time to me – I think it was a pretty rough one. Brandon was 5lbs 6oz and Chloe was 5lbs, so those are pretty decent weights for twins born a month early!

I’m going down on Saturday to see them – and hopefully they’ll all be out of hospital by then (not a big fan of hospitals myself!)


Just got back from my mum’s – Vikky has been in hospital since Friday night because she wasn’t feeling well, and also because her blood pressure had pretty much doubled!

I went to visit her this afternoon at Good Hope hospital, and by the time we got there she’d been moved into a delivery room, going through the final stages before getting ready to give birth! By that point, she was only supposed to have her birthing partners there – Damien and my mum – but they got permission from the midwife for me to visit because I’d not seen her since the beginning of January.

I couldn’t believe how big her bump was when I saw her – it was massive! She’s supposed to have 4 more weeks to go, but there’s no way she could go much longer with 2 babies in there! Her blood pressure has now come down a bit, but I think she still feels quite uncomfortable.

Anyway, they hooked up some pads to her stomach to monitor the babies’ heartbeats, and the whole thing was just amazing. It sounded like a train with both hearts beating just out of sync with each other, then for short periods they’d match up making a really strong beating sound. And it was really weird seeing them kicking really hard – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before – seeing something living, moving so much just under the skin… really freaky to watch, but brilliant at the same time!

By this time tomorrow, I might well have a new nephew and niece!