I hate gambling…

…especially online gambling.

I got a call from my credit card company a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d been using it on various betting websites – which obviously I hadn’t(!) – so they cancelled my card and paid back the few hundred pounds that had been charged to it.

Then today, I decided to just have a look online at my bank account and I saw that two payments had been made on Wednesday to an online betting website for a total of £500! Unbelievable!

I phoned up the bank and they’ve now cancelled my card, but I’ve got to contact the fraud department on Monday to convince them that the payments weren’t mine… but it just really annoys me that I’m a victim of fraud (through no fault of my own), but it could well be up to me to prove it. I’ve no idea how this could have happened on two of my cards – I always have them with me, and I follow all the basic security measures that you can do when using them. It just seems really weird that it can happen to me twice within as many weeks.

Arghh… I’m quite angry about it!

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