Aching all over!

Thought I’d do a quick post before I pack up my computer and head down to Soul Survivor…

Just got back from swimming with James – and I’m really aching! I guess it’s a mixture of the after effects of yesterday’s gym session, as well as spending nearly an hour in the pool this morning, but I do actually feel really good about it so far, which I wasn’t expecting, so that’s great. Also, I hadn’t really been swimming for probably nearly 15 years, mainly because I suppose I’m not really comfortable with how I look, so would never take my top off, but I managed to overcome it today and think “who cares…? It’s going to help me lose all that weight in the long run!” I’m still not comfortable with the way I look, but at least I’m over the first hurdle!

It was kind of strange trying to remember all the different strokes, but it all came back – the only one I struggled a bit with was the breast stroke, but I don’t remember being particularly strong at that when I used to swim at school, and we also had a bit of a chill out in the jacuzzi – something I’ve not had before – and it was amazing! So relaxing and I didn’t want to get out!!

Change can be good…

I’m feeling totally knackered! But it’s kind of in a good way because I’ve just joined a gym up the road, and this afternoon I went there for about an hour and half with James, for what was probably the most intense exercise I’ve done for over a year! I’ve made a decision that I want to get myself really fit, and get my weight right down, so I’m going to have to put myself through some serious pain to achieve my goal!

But one thing I found by going today was that it’s so much better when you go with someone else because it kind of motivates you more, and when you think of quitting a particular exercise, you generally don’t because the other person is doing it with you! We’re both going to go again first thing tomorrow morning and do some swimming, so hopefully this is the start of me being able to make some major changes in my life.

I’m off down to Bristol tomorrow afternoon to visit Ali, then on Wednesday, I’ll travel a little bit further south to Shepton Mallet for Soul Survivor where I’m working on the Underground venue with the 29th Chapter again. I’ve not sorted out anything for it yet – and time’s running out! And I bought a new tent on Friday, so my old orange canvas tent is no more! I really could do with attempting to put it up before I leave just in case there’s anything missing!

The other thing that’s happened this week is that I’ve managed to catch up with Sarah who I haven’t really seen for the last 18 months, though we have chatted occassionally on messenger recently. We met up first last Sunday afternoon for coffee where we just filled in what we’d both been up to since we’d last spoken properly. Then we went round to Caroline’s in the evening and I also got to see Olivia who I hadn’t seen since she was just over 6 months old – and now she’s almost 2, and it’s amazing to see how quickly kids grow up! Then last night, we both went over to Bradford to Abundant Life because I’d been tipped of that Martin Smith from Delirious was leading there!! Not an ideal reason for going but hey! It’s been good though to start to rebuild our friendship, because I have really missed it over the last year or so… so all in all it’s been a pretty good week!