Dave Bateman’s (month-late) birthday!

Went to Old Orleans last night with a load of people to celebrate Dave Bateman’s 21st… although his birthday was actually on the 4th January, so it was really his 21st and 1 month birthday!

I caught up with a few people I hadn’t seen for ages, and there were quite few who I didn’t know as well! And the best bit was at the end of the meal, just as we were all sorting out our money to pay, Dave’s dad decided that he was going to pay for everyone’s food! That was really cool, although we did all feel a little bit embarrassed because none of us were expecting anything like that! Though we soon got over it and thanked him for his generosity!!

Just about to head down to Tamworth for the day to get my car door repaired and resprayed after the break-in last week. And it means I get get in some visits to relatives as well!