Matt’s wedding, plus watching Euro 2004!

It’s been a very long weekend! I was at Matt Passey’s wedding to Amy down in East Sussex on Saturday, and I had to get there quite a few hours beforehand because I was looking after the sound for the service. I had to leave the house at 5am (after getting to bed gone midnight!) and then met up with Dave Plumb down in London, and grabbed a lift with him down to Crowborough.

The wedding was really cool – and it was good seeing a load of people from Tamworth who I hadn’t seen for ages. And on the Saturday night, I stayed over at Dave’s in Willesdon Green. There are a load of photos from the day here.

Since I was in London, I headed over to Hammersmith on Sunday morning to catch up with Bin. It was a really hot day, so we grabbed some sandwiches and had lunch in a park right next to the Thames. Then, I met up with Dave because I was giving Hope a lift back to Birmingham on my way up north, and then got back to Manchester at about half six.

Then I got all patriotic because England were playing their first match in Euro 2004, and went with Sa to Exchange Square in town to watch the game on the big screen. There were quite a few thousand people there so it was a really good atmosphere, and it looked like we’d beat the French, but the score totally turned around in the last few minutes. Hopefully England will do a bit better when they play again on Thursday.