New house… and a temporary housemate!

I am now a home-owner!! Finally moved into my new house on the 5th September, so I’ve been in there for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve still got piles of boxes all over the place, but I am starting to get there with my unpacking. There are quite a few jobs on the house that I want to get sorted – some of it involving a bit of building work – and I’d like to get them done sooner rather than later. But, when you look at everything that needs to be done, it’s really easy to panic and think it’ll never happen!!

I’ve got Jamie (from Reach/lifegroup) staying in my spare room at the moment ‘cos he’s waiting to move into James Torry’s new house which he’s going to be gutting and refurbishing. It’s a bit weird actually ‘cos I’ve lived on my own for the last two years, and now I’ve got to be considerate to someone else!!

I’m videoing a wedding this weekend in Chester which is a bit scary – I vowed never to do another one after doing the video of Reuben and Esther’s wedding back in 1997! This one I’m doing is for Steve Clamp and Claire Cartwright, who both used to work here at MUTV, and Steve is now working for BBC Midlands Today in Birmingham. Should be pretty cool though ‘cos some people that I used to work with but haven’t seen for quite a while will be there as well.