House nearly sorted!

Well what a month it’s been…

Exchanged contracts for the house yesterday and hopefully should be able to move in sometime next week. I guess I was too optimistic expecting everything to go to plan, ‘cos at the last minute it all looked like it was going to go pear-shaped!! There was a bit of a problem with the house that Jeb & Nicky are buying, and it looked like they might lose it which would have meant a major delay for me. But it all got resolved last weekend so we’re into the final straight!! Hooray!

Got back from Soul Survivor on Tuesday, I had a really good first week, but had a bit of a rollercoaster of a time on the second week I went on, but it was good catching up with all the guys from back in Tamworth. I’ve put my photos from the week up here.

House nightmare, plus Commonwealth Games!

Right… quick update on what’s happening in my life!

I moved out of my house a week ago, which was an absolute nightmare! All my stuff is now spread about at my mum and dad’s garage, my grandparents’ spare bedroom, Cathy’s cellar, Sarah’s garage, Jeb & Nicky’s back room and a storage unit in a warehouse in Stockport! I’m also currently renting a room in Emma’s house in Levenshulme with a girl from Spain and a guy who’s up in Manchester as a volunteer in the Commonwealth Games. It’s a pretty small room, with quite a lot of my things in it(!), but hopefully it should be just for a few weeks.

Actually, we’re looking to exchange contracts and have completion for around the 20th August, so that’s only a couple of weeks away. It’s worked out quite well (I hope!), ‘cos if it does get sorted that week, then I’ll be at Soul Survivor for week A – be back in Manchester during week B, which is when I should get the house – and then be back down to Soul Survivor for week C. I was originally planning on being there for week B as well, but Chris had problems booking, and by the time he applied, week B was totally full, so all the Coton Green guys are going on C.

I got into the spirit of the Commonwealth Games on Saturday – there was a spare ticket available to go and see the Rugby Sevens Quarter Finals at the City Of Manchester Stadium, so I ended up going to that. It was really cool… I thought I might not enjoy it ‘cos I’m not particularly interested in rugby, but I really got into it, and the atmosphere in the stadium was amazing! I even ended up watching the semi-finals and final on TV on Sunday afternoon – I never thought that would happen!!