New blog…

This is kind of my on-line diary / news thing where I can put stuff that’s happening in my life at the mo, and anyone can read it if they want!

Current news… At the moment I’m renting a house in Greater Manchester, but my landlord’s looking at selling quite soon, so I’m desperately trying to find somewhere to buy (I’m not sure that I want to buy this place!) Trouble is, I’ve discovered that house-hunting is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve traipsed around loads of estate agents over the last few weeks, but still not actually looked at anywhere. 🙁 Hopefully going to start looking at some places later this week, then will have to sort out getting a mortgage… arggghhhh!

Anyway, I’d better get off to bed now… I’ve been spending far too long working on a new website for my mate Tom Green (check out, which I’ve done for him for free, with the promise of some voice-overs from him at some point!!! 😉

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