Lifegroup walk

I’m feeling quite tired at work today! Went for a pretty major walk in the peak district on Saturday – I think it was only about five miles, but there were a lot of steep uphill bits, and it was pretty muddy! And unfortunately I don’t have any walking boots, so my old trainers with not much grip weren’t much use at all! It was pretty good though, although I was close to quitting in the first half hour, and was ready to go back to the car and wait for all the others!! Anyway, once I’d done the first major bit, I did actually enjoy it! There are some photos of it here.

Struggling a bit at work this afternoon – I’ve got to write a script by tomorrow morning for Angus Deayton to read… yep, that’s him off ‘Have I Got News For You’. It’s got to be a three minute monologue promoting subscribing to MUTV, but it’s got to be written in his style which is a lot harder to do than you might expect – especially since I’m not really a comedy script-writer! Oh well, I guess I’ll come up with something, but I reckon he’ll end up having to add his own ad-libs!

Launch night

Just got back from a kind of launch night for a new band produced by Zarc Porter and Mark Pennels called ‘The Band With No Name’ ( and they were pretty cool! It wasn’t exactly my taste (hip-hop/rap/dance) but I could appreciate the quality of it. My mate Jeb asked me this morning if I wanted to go ‘cos he had a couple of complimentary tickets, so I wasn’t originally planning on being there. We drove probably about 10 miles into the Cheshire countryside to this massive hotel in the middle of no-where, on a hill overlooking the whole of Manchester (was a pretty impressive sight!) and saw this band perform some tracks and outline their vision for working with kids across cities all over the UK. Andy Hawthorne was there as well, and he gave a short talk and it all sounded really exciting! I did feel like me and Jeb were the outsiders slightly ‘cos there were probably about 150 people in this function room, and I’m sure they were all reasonably important bods… I recognised quite a few faces of people from events I’ve been to. Anyway, came away with a nice goodie bag with a poster, single and t-shirt, so all in all, a good night!

New blog…

This is kind of my on-line diary / news thing where I can put stuff that’s happening in my life at the mo, and anyone can read it if they want!

Current news… At the moment I’m renting a house in Greater Manchester, but my landlord’s looking at selling quite soon, so I’m desperately trying to find somewhere to buy (I’m not sure that I want to buy this place!) Trouble is, I’ve discovered that house-hunting is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve traipsed around loads of estate agents over the last few weeks, but still not actually looked at anywhere. 🙁 Hopefully going to start looking at some places later this week, then will have to sort out getting a mortgage… arggghhhh!

Anyway, I’d better get off to bed now… I’ve been spending far too long working on a new website for my mate Tom Green (check out, which I’ve done for him for free, with the promise of some voice-overs from him at some point!!! 😉