It’s Christmas Day!

Well Christmas Day is almost over, and to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Still wasn’t the greatest day of the year, but it was better than last year’s – I didn’t actually work during this one!

Anyway – first off the Christmas dinner!! It was delicious! I cooked turkey with sausagemeat stuffing and cranberry sauce, sausage with bacon, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, boiled potatoes, swede, leeks, peas and sprouts. And I did more than I needed so I can have the same tomorrow!

And it’s been turkey sandwiches for tea tonight so I’ve definitely had a traditional Christmas as far as the food’s concerned!

Got some cool prezzies as well. Got some cash off my mum (which is always a good gift!), and from James and Helen I got an iPod dock which is really smart… although I had bought myself a more basic one a few weeks ago, and had also bought the same for James! I need to work out what to do – he said he’s still got the receipt so I might change it for something else for my iPod… just typical that we both had the same idea! Also, I got a DVD of James Bond – “Goldeneye” off Sa. I’ve only ever seen two James Bond films in my life (the 2 most recent ones) so this is part of my education in the phenomenon of Bond! The current plan is to meet up on Wednesday to watch it (and drink my birthday wine – woo!) so will report back on Bond (and first alcohol!) progress!

And I had another present to open which was from Rob, and it was a slightly bizarre one – a USB light and fan set! He said it’s for the next edit we do together… to cool me down when we’re getting a bit too close to the deadline, and to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel! Makes total sense now! I’ve still got two more to come – Vikky and Damien have bought me the Superman Returns DVD which I’ll get when I pop down to Tamworth on Thursday, and Jamie’s got me something as well, but forgot to drop it in before he went back to Sheffield!

I managed to avoid being totally reclusive today! I spoke to my mum first this morning, and then after dinner, Sarah called so we chatted for a bit. Luckily the present I’d got for her went down well – I had been concerned that potentially it was a bit random! I’d remembered she’d said a while ago that she’s always wanted to visit the Himalaya region, so I bought her the Michael Palin book of his Himalaya travels, as well as compiling the series from TV into a special little box-set thing… but my concern was that her comment might have been a bit throw-away, and so she might not have been that interested in it! But she seemed really pleased so that’s good. Then not long after I’d spoken to Sa, Rob popped round on the way round to Claire’s parents so I did him a brew and we had a natter! And finally Doctor Who in the evening with a bit of Strictly Come Dancing! Not as bad as it could have been I suppose!

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