‘Freedom Of The Seas’

Well it’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks for me. I got back yesterday from doing a 3-day shoot on the world’s biggest cruise liner, ‘Freedom Of The Seas‘!

I was second camera for filming a First Choice conference, as well as general shots of everything on board, and we travelled down to Southampton on Sunday night, and then boarded the ship first thing on the Monday morning.

It was its first sailing with passengers, and just did a trip around the channel islands, but were were kept really busy with work (18 hour days!), so it didn’t really matter where we were to be honest. The scale of the ship was immense, and it had so many different things on board. As well as a massive ‘Promenade’ high street, it also had a theatre, ice rink, sports pitch, surfing pool, crazy golf, a casino, and even a climbing wall!

Also, for the time we were on board, we didn’t have to pay for any food and drink, and it was all of a really high quality. It was a great experience, but to be honest, I don’t think a cruise would be the kind of holiday I’d go for at all. Just my taste I guess.

Check out the photos I took whilst on board here.

Just before all that, I went down to Tamworth for the day on Saturday because it was Steve and Julie’s engagement party, and I also went to see Vikky’s new house which she and Damien have just bought, and I think it will end up being really nice. It’s a good size, and it’s got a really massive garden – miles bigger than mine!

And then today me and James have been filming so interviews for the Preview DVD, so it ended up being another long day… I could really do with a bit of a rest sometime, but I’ve not got a day off until next weekend!

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