HP Scanjet… RIP

Looks like my scanner’s finally died today… I tried to scan some photos in, but the belt in it keeps slipping so it just won’t work any more – I know how to fix it, but unfortunately can’t find any way of getting into the damn thing – there are just 2 screws on it, but they’re a weird star shape so I can’t undo them. And the rest of it is bolted together with some kind of rivet.

I bought it back in 1998 so I guess seven year’s use isn’t too bad! Paid a fortune for it at the time, but they’re a heck of a lot cheaper now! Should be able to get a reasonably decent one for about £50 – might do that before work tomorrow!

Had a really boring Easter weekend – the only thing I’ve done is pop down to Tamworth to pick up my car (and then watch the first episode of the new Doctor Who which I thought was really good) but that’s been it. So actually kind of looking forward to going back to work!

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